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KIDS Etc. provides a fun, safe and happy home away from home.

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KIDS Etc. Preschool in Sandy Utah has been in business since 1992. We are an award-winning, family-owned early education center located in Sandy, Utah. Since our opening in 1992, we have been dedicated to loving and helping children learn and grow into intelligent, capable, and happy young people. Our state licensed facility offers bright classrooms and four private playgrounds. We maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio for the safety and security of our “littles”; ensuring your student will feel safe and confident while developing a love for learning through our unique and loving approach to care and development.

Our Preschool Classes

Nifty Kids

2 to 3 years old

Awesome Kids

3 to 4 years old

Super Kids

4 to 5 years old

Enrichment Kids

Kindergarten-6th Grade

What Our Parents Are Saying

Oh how I love them. How can I count the ways?!? They love my baby (that alone is enough for me) They arrange activities including magicians, gymnastics, water days, snow-cone days, Star Wars day... And whatever other fun activity they can think of. I went through 4 daycares in a year before I found them... And I'm keeping them forever 😘
Scout Boi
Happy Dad
My kids love this place. My son loves his teachers and has made wonderful friends. My daughter has always struggled with drop off, but her teachers are quick to scoop her up and make sure she feel safe and comfortable. I love the staff, that they know my kids, and have taken the time to understand our needs. Highly recommend.
Kandis Barlow
Happy Mom
This school is AMAZING! My mister has been attending since he was 4 months old and he just turned 3. He LOVES going and being with his friends and learning fun things. I love that he is cared for and that all the staff is so amazing and caring to the children!! Best preschool in Utah HANDS DOWN!
Cherise Sutherland
Happy Mom


Our goal is to make your very young child feel safe with consistent care so they can learn and grow at their own pace. We go by the needs and schedules of  the individual infant/toddler. We provide large and small muscle play, textures, language development, self-awareness and exploration. The toddler class is introduced to coloring, finger painting, simple songs and outside exploration.


This classroom has a math and phonics class which includes an introduction to the alphabet, eye hand coordination, large manipulatives, sorting, counting and lacing. We also include art, science, social studies, music and P.E. This includes finger painting, sand play, play dough and tearing. Simple science such as color mixing, water play and bubbles. Social studies will teach appropriate social behaviors, beginning cultural awareness and participation. In music/P.E. we learn large motor skills like rolling balls, creative dance marching, galloping and simple songs.


This classroom has math and phonics which includes uppercase letter and sound recognition, beginning sorting, patterning and counting. They have art, science, social studies, music and P.E. This includes painting, markers, free creative art and introduction to scissors. Science includes simple experiments and science stories. Social studies include appropriate social behavior, dramatic play, cultural awareness and simple games. We also sing songs, play instruments, dance, throw and catch and listening, running and skipping skills.


This classroom has math and phonics which include letter writing, tracing and letter and sound recognition. We also teach number recognition, sorting, patterning, sequencing and ordinals. We offer art, science, social studies, music and P.E. This includes beginning crafts, glue and scissors, creative and directional art. Science includes studies in air, water, body awareness and how things work. We teach dramatic play in the playhouse, cultural awareness, community, customs and history. We run, jump, skip, follow and lead. We learn songs and listens to stories on tape and we learn good sportsmanship skills.


In this age group we offer pick-up and drop-off to elementary schools and junior high (up to end of 6th grade). After a long day of school, we have a lego station, boardgame area, an amazing arts and crafts section and a relaxing place to read and hang out. We go on amazing field trips in the summer and on days off from school. We also help this age put a scrap book together at the end of the summer to look back on our activities and the friends we have made. This age group is about making friends, relaxing after school and having fun.

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