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Welcome to KIDS Etc. Preschool


Daycare, Preschool, Kindergarten, and Enrichment Center

We are a teaching center with a curriculum designed to develop life skills, social development and self-esteem through classes in phonics, math, science, social studies, creative art, music, P.E. and free play. We have afternoon classes which include dance, sports, drama, manipulatives and instructional art. We have an excellent private kindergarten and also provide transportation for school-age children to the following schools:
Willow Canyon Elementary - 9650 S. 1700 E.
Granite Elementary - 9760 S. 3100 E.
Quail Hollow Elementary - 2625 E. Newcastle Dr.
Edgemont Elementary - 1085 E. 9800 S.
Park Lane Elementary - 9955 S. 2300 E.

Mission Statement:

KIDS Etc. Preschool strives to provide a safe, fun, happy, respectful and educational environment benefiting the children, parents, staff and community. Our goal is to give each child a nurturing environment that encourages the development of social skills, self-esteem and independence.


About Us:

KIDS Etc. Preschool has been in business since 1992. Stephani Froisland started the preschool in her home, part time and in 1994, we grew into the building we are in now. She has since passed on her legacy to her daughters Brook Sutherland and Maaika Christensen who both run it full time now. Working with children is what we love and helping them learn and grow into intelligent, capable, happy young people is what makes us most proud.

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